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Because the nodes are significantly different than planets, here are some aspects to Chiron spelled out in more detail than the planets above. Chiron conjunct the SN says that your multilife journey and families again and again are saturated with Chironic sensitivity. You might stick with SN-related habits and, thereby, be distracted by all the helping and healing that needs to be done around you. Learn to recognize that we all suffer and feel pain, and for all of us that is central to our journey of becoming the source of love for ourselves.

And so, sometimes, the best thing you can do is let someone work through his or her own pain as a path to growth. Chiron square the nodes says you and your family have an unresolved issue when it comes to dealing with pain, suffering, vulnerability, and insecurity in the self … which will more often than not show up in dealing with others. Chiron trine your SN says that you are very aware most if not all of the time about who needs help why and when.

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You may have some ungrounded fears of dealing with — processing — difficult emotions in others while often entirely missing the truth that you have them, too. Your job is to embrace your sensitivity and honor your needs in ways that no one else ever has been able or willing to do.

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Sextiles are two planets triggering each other, calling for a response. Squares between natal planets indicate friction and pressure, and perhaps criticism. Whatever you do with one, the other will support it. Beware of laziness and complacency when it comes to dealing with your own pain and suffering. Oppositions to Chiron are about a part of your psyche not being sure how to admit the reality of pain and past wounding. Take time to cultivate vulnerability and nurture any outstanding wounds, as your default may be to try to ignore what you feel.

This is pain with the mother and women, in general, usually. The native may try very hard to heal these relationships and then give up. After she gives up, she may feel guilty and try hard, again.

Chiron in Astrology - Meaning Explained

With Venus oppose Chiron, the native may try hard to love without feeling pain. Then, when pain strikes, she may hide herself away. Then, the cycle may repeat. There may be a sense of hopelessness with the Chiron opposition. It is a pain that is more usable, it seems to me. My life is about helping people using the pain I endured. Honestly, I wish I never had the pain. However, in more spiritual moments, I know I had the pain for a purpose and I must use it for a purpose. I feel a great sense of meaning when I do.

With Chiron trine Venus, one uses warmth and love to help others heal. With Chiron trine the MC, one may have a career in the helping fields. With Chiron trine Mercury, one could use his intellect and powers of communication to help others. The sextiles functions in the same manner as does the trine but the trine is an unearned gift. The sextile demands some manner of struggle before it can be accessed. I was asked the question of how to overcome Chiron squares and oppositions. I do not think they can be overcome, per se.

It may not be in pristine condition. However, at the juncture of the flaw may lie a weakness in the structure. I have tried very hard to run from my Chiron. This is a perfect position for a coach who can teach Chiron others how to perform athletic feats that they themselves could never do.

Chiron and Jupiter: The stressful aspects square, opposition, and sometimes the conjunction can produce a person who has all the answers. Just ask them. The problem is that the crusading tendencies are usually a cover to keep from facing up to one's own inner problems. Conversely, there may be a total lack of faith or optimism. The cure in both cases is to confront the inner wounds that are really underlying the outward behavior.

A big danger with this placement is that one can become a guru groupie or a seer sucker. Indeed, they can fill others with optimism even when they themselves feel pessimistic and depressed. Chiron and Saturn: Saturn organizes and controls. The reason could be a fear of letting go, or perhaps they are still trying to please an over restrictive parent. The other side of the coin would be someone who is highly disorganized and sloppy, or seems too fearful or depressed to make a move. A high colonic would be helpful here to remove that lead pipe Saturn from their rear end.

Chiron and Uranus: This type of person is the one who can say things like: "Be for peace, or I'll kill you! They love the ideal of brotherhood and sisterhood of all people. It's relating to actual, live, real human beings that turns them off. This is because relating requires them to show some feelings, a concept they find alien and icky. But feelings and emotions are exactly what have to be worked on here.

More often, they will come up with off the wall ideas that they claim are works of genius.

Cowardice in the Chart: Mars in Aspect to Saturn or Chiron | Fugitive Umbrellas

If they manage to keep themselves grounded, in contact with reality and their own emotions, their true genius can flow freely. Chiron and Neptune: Neptune rules dreams, imagination, and intuition. On the negative side, it shows where we try to avoid any reality that we find unpleasant. Sometimes this can manifest as a rejection of anything "mystical.

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  • The intuitive powers may feel blocked. Conversely, they may be active with a vengeance and constantly contradict the "logical" conclusions that are reached.

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    The alternative is a person who is hard working, "responsible" in a very conventional way, and suppresses their imaginative-creative side. Then, all of a sudden, they become an alcoholic, drug addict, or have a mental breakdown of some sort.

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    They could also fall in "love" with someone who has these problems or who is a con artist and get completely drained, even ruined. A perfect example of this comes from the world of literature: the professor that Marlene Dietrich's character ruined in "The Blue Angel. If you've been repressing the Neptune, take a class in art or better yet, dance. Do some volunteer charity work.