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November 10th Mars in Aquarius will square Juno retrograde in Taurus. For some, this may manifest as forks in the road specifically regarding children as a topic; for others, there may be questions about what to nurture, alongside an urge to break out of parenting roles or unsatisfying nurturance systems. Also possible, but rare, are out-of-the-blue happenings with conception and children. Later that same day, Ceres enters Scorpio after having been in Libra since early September. With such a change just around the corner, perhaps you might consider hanging tight for just a while longer to see how things shake out before running off.

Just below the surface of her placid household lurks deep-seated resentments for all of that self-abnegation. With Ceres in Scorpio, no such problems exist: Ceres intensely connects with devours? Mars has spent the better part of the year between Capricorn and Aquarius owing to its Summertime retrograde; now, Mars can finally move onto to fields anew. These are soggy, feely fields, though, and Mars is not necessarily at his very best when in Pisces.

Venus stations direct on November 16th , only hours before Mercury stations retrograde. Venus has been retrograde since October 5th; today marks the end of her underworld journeys. The shadow period of her retrograde last until nearly Christmas time, so you can still be on the lookout or on your guard for Venusian mix-ups until then. With Jupiter in Sagittarius, which can veer towards know-it-all-ness, you might end up prematurely overconfident, convinced of your creative prowess.

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Healing energy abounds here, further enabled by the Vesta-Juno trine on the same day, creating simpatico links between ourselves and those whom we would heal or be healed by. If too much family time has got your cat climbing the walls, get your sexual healing from a reliable source maybe just yourself…. Neptune stations direct November 24th after being retrograde since June 19th earlier this year.

This is a once-yearly feel-good day where things feel promising and harmonious. Today, it starts to merge with reality. Or, Scorpio, you may find that you're the influential, important person that everyone's seeking out! On November 8, lovely Venus enters harmonious Libra, which asks you: How balanced is your life? Are you taking care of yourself?

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Bad habits can add up over time. This is an excellent opportunity to check in with yourself and really consider if you're getting enough rest, enough time to yourself, if you're feeling spiritually nourished and being taken care of emotionally.

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Coffee isn't a cure for lack of sleep— Venus wants you to pamper yourself. Take care of your body and your mind, Scorpio, or else you'll find things will get really out of whack in all the other areas of your life. Pluto gets more action on November 10 when Mercury sextiles it, bringing you more opportunities to connect with power in whatever form that means to you, Scorpio. Also on November 10, the Sun in your sign! November 10 is definitely a day to circle in your calendar! There's a New Moon in your sign, Scorpio, on November This is such a busy month with so much attention being paid to you, Scorpio.

The New Moon will offer a lovely, safe and sacred space for you to reflect and go within. Take this opportunity to reconnect with your higher self and meditate on what you need emotionally.

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On November 12, your ruling planet, Mars, enters Libra— the themes around balance that we discussed earlier will pop up again, but be careful. Mars is a super energetic planet, and it might leave you feeling really wired. Be sure to tire yourself out during the day so you don't stay up all night. Part of finding balance for you this month will mean spending time alone. This doesn't mean that romance and socializing aren't in store for you this month, so don't worry about that one bit— just be sure to carve out plenty of relaxing, reflective solitary time for yourself to make the most of the cosmic vibes.

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On November 18 Neptune, the planet of fantasy and illusion, stations direct— this is going to be pretty exciting! It won't only push things forward for you creatively expect some projects to really take off , but it will also bring some sparkle to your life, romantically speaking. Part of the fun of romance is the mystery and excitement of what will happen next— if things have been feeling dull in your love life lately, Neptune's forward motion will be inspiring. On November 20, communicator Mercury enters Fire sign Sagittarius, which will find you thinking and talking a lot about money— how to get it, grow it, and make it work for you.

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Sagittarius is a very smart, philosophical sign. Connect with some people you look up to for advice on financial matters or pick up a book or two on the subject.

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