Mumbai mirror 27 january 2020 horoscope

It will be faster-paced than previous ones, a source told the tabloid.

What are you looking forward to the most? The four actors, however, have clarified that they are not part of the show that is anchored by Salman Khan. Earlier reports had claimed that TV actor Rashami of Uttaran fame was approached for the show but a DNA report later stated that she was never offered the show. Comedian Rajpal Yadav has acknowledged that he was offered the show but added that he cannot participate. I love watching the show and the format is also quite entertaining. But I am not doing this season.

I like to act, I like playing characters, I like to be a part of stories rather than fighting over food or petty things and winning the game. Bigg Boss 13 will go on till January 12, Follow htshowbiz for more. Read more. Ranveer Singh shares childhood pic with fashion sense intact, fans ask if he is related to Guruji.

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Much to the delight of your office colleagues and family members, you are expected to have a successful day. However, if you are beginning something new, you might find problems in your new venture. Home is where the heart is, but for you, it's quite the opposite today. Problems at home might trouble you, and the faster you try to run from them, the quicker they seem to catch up.

So, running might not be the best solution.

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As people around you try to blow things out of proportion, you might want to put up a smile and be at it. For a smile is the secret weapon of all winners. Be at your imaginative best today. Open the mind gates, and pursue whatever your creativity suggests. Ganesha predicts that luck is on your side today and if there's something you have taken a risk on, it's likely to work well. As for energy levels, they are likely to be unusually high today and everything you undertake, you are sure to feel passionate about.

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It's a good day to organise events for your close ones. When it comes to your public image, there's a strong possibility that there will be improvements in your public standing. But it also depends on your personal character and therefore, you must be extremely careful with your private life. Breathe and prepare yourself as you might face patience-testing situations today. It would be wise, however, to sort out all the differences at both the workplace and your home.

Ganesha predicts that a religiously inclined day is in store for you today. You might want to listen to soft, soulful songs to spend the day nicely. In fact, you might miss being a kid and feel like going back to your school days, or just pick up a Nancy Drew or Hardy Boys and be your younger self again.

Fortune favours you, and even the most intimidating ventures will prove successful. Those dealing in stocks and share can foresee a profitable day. But nothing works well if there isn't a supporting spouse wishing well for you. So do make sure to share the credit. You have plenty of ideas today and as your cheerful self, you are set to make this world a better place. Even in a team, you'd give it your all and come with innovative ideas.

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  • Gruhapravesam in usa.
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At social gatherings, all eyes will be on you, as you charm your way through the event. Take a firm route and solve all your problems instead of running away from them.


If there are petty conflicts, you might want to resolve the issue and remind yourself that no good comes out of making mountains of mole hills. Jai Madaan tells us how to deal and what to do if you feel stuck in a relationship. Watch the video to know more.