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Adam offered a bridge and it worked for me! I began having more direct and visceral experiences, rather than merely intellectualizing life and myself. We know that the birth chart is a diagram of the psyche, a symbolic representation of the individual person. The planets represent facets of our psyche, and all of the planets are included in the richness of how we experience ourselves and the world.

The birth chart is structured around the angles, beginning with the Ascendant. We habitually experience life through the sign and any planets on the Ascendant.

Sign Emphasis

In this technique, we imagine placing any planet — and the sign it is in — on the Ascendant to see what life is like from that new perspective. Even if outer circumstances cannot change, our perspective can! That is the gift of this technique. To begin: Pretend you are in a very large space with numerous rooms, doors, and windows.

If you have always stood in the same corner, looking straight ahead, your experience has been limited. Choosing a planet on the 1st is simply re-orienting you in your own space; you are opening yourself to a broader field of experience. Another way to describe this process is to imagine yourself as a cast of characters in a movie or play. I have some suggestions in the link below about how to evoke the different planets.

We are literally having an experience of ourselves living life through the function represented by that planet. For example, choosing the Moon on the 1st may increase the need for feeling emotionally secure, safe, and nurtured. Choosing Mars on the 1st may invoke the strong desire for action and assertion; Mars needs something to fight for.

This is experiential and may take practice. Each person is different, and literal experiences of the planets will manifest in variations. Sometimes the changes will be subtle, although in my case the shift was dramatic. The first time I tried the technique was in celebration of my birthday in I chose Venus on the 1st and my life completely changed almost immediately. I have a natal Pluto-Venus square; finding value and confidence in my feminine qualities has been challenging. Receiving life, including love, sustenance, and pleasure, is something I often reject. For much of my life, my Venusian self has operated underground, in the dark, just as she does at the root of my natal chart.

Choosing Venus on the 1st brought her into the light and instinctual action of the Ascendant. I gave my Venus new agency and she sprang forth in many ways. Simultaneously with my decision to choose Venus on the 1st, I quit my job as a compliance director at the University of Washington, marking the end of my year career in health care compliance.

The next month, I met my partner, Darren. I was not looking for someone; in fact, I was excited to meet creative, passionate people and pursue my own interests. Two years later, Darren and I are true partners, something new for me, despite previous long-term commitments. I am almost 43 and my year as Venus on the 1st was the first time since the age of 15 that I did not have a traditional job with steady income.

Darren and I traveled and I relaxed my previously restricted diet to include ice cream, cookies, and other treats. I gained at least 15 pounds and my hormones kicked back on. I felt like a teenager and experienced a strong desire to create a family, including babies. I moved to New York City to live with Darren after never having left my family and my hometown in Seattle. I just wanted to love and be loved. Creating relationships with my body, Darren, and myself were my full-time pursuits. Venus also represents receptivity, and I was more open to receive than ever, including my own previously invested money.

I took an early withdrawal from my retirement to support my needs and desires during this time. I can look back and neatly summarize what happened, but living it was also messy, disorienting, and often extremely uncomfortable. Clothes that I never minded squeezing into now felt tight and restrictive. Sometimes I felt fat and sloth-like, not doing much more than eating, sleeping, and making love.

My physical health sensitivities and symptoms seemed relentless. I was feeling more, for better or for worse. Most of this time I cared more about the harmony and well-being of my partnership with Darren than being right. My past is filled with a bipolar blend of sacrifice, suffering, and selfishness. My Venus on the 1st adventure began to reveal my authentic versions of caring and kindness, and with whom I wanted to invest the time to really connect.

In choosing Venus on the 1st, I dramatically changed my life and impacted the lives of others around me. I became more human, more embodied, and more accessible. I am committed to being honest and present, which often requires slowing down. I am now more capable of staying with myself and my feelings a Venusian function. In many ways, I was drastically less active and ambitious with Venus on the 1st, but my life expanded in depth and richness.

Saturn Astrology Symbol - Characteristics, Planet Energy and More

Try it! You might be intrigued to discover how life can open up in new ways when you set your intention to experience more and are open to the outcome. Like me, you might find the planetary archetypes living as strongly within you as they do without. Here is a link to a PDF with some thoughts about how the planets represent parts of our psyche. These questions are intended to evoke experiences. You can use them as suggestions when trying this technique for placing each of the planets on the 1st.

Pluto is not included because in Evolutionary Astrology we use Pluto to represent the Soul and its journey. I feel that is hard to categorize, and so am not comfortable using it — not yet, anyway! Bio: Tara Aal uses astrology, writing, photography, and art to explore and express love, truth, and beauty.

Tara has been practicing and teaching astrology and tarot since She is a regular contributing author for Infinity Astrological Magazine. Tara is passionate about supporting people in their choice to be more natural, authentic, and honest. Her commitment to feeling and embodiment is radically changing her life and use of astrology and tarot.

With the compassion and understanding that comes from diverse, intense, and transformative personal relationship and career history, Tara is especially available for people making life changes. Contact her at TaraAal. The circle is primal symbolism — encoded in our psyches, if not in our genes. To a two-year old picking up her first box of toddler-sized crayons, a circle is the shape of the shining sun and the heads of Mommy and Daddy.

Joseph Campbell speaks of a model of the psyche where the hub or center of the wheel is the still point — our Self, that aspect of our being that is constant and eternal. We can envision the circumference as being where our Solar selves gain awareness and wisdom from our interactions around the wheel of life. Astrologically, this wheel encompasses the entire solar system, and our evolution is driven by how well we internalize its lessons over time, lessons that are delivered via planetary aspects, transits, and progressions.

In a natal chart, it seems that the Sun and its planetary system create an evolving, dynamic web of energy exchanges or relationships within the human psyche — between our ego fragments on the circumference and our Higher Self at the center. What do we dream , imagine , or believe? How do we envision our role in this cosmic fairy tale? What, if anything, does it all mean? These tales are drawn from our personal and collective unconscious and told by Neptune in the language of allegory and symbolism.

The tales are key to our solar evolution, but there are dangers. These dynamics operate on all levels, from tragic personal meltdowns to regrettable collective episodes. Even recent history is filled with examples, from the internment of Japanese-Americans after the attack on Pearl Harbor to the rise in hate crimes against minorities after election For its part, Neptune breaches our Saturnian structures — including the principles and narratives that hold our public institutions together — and we rarely see the resulting changes in ourselves, in our relationships, our communities, or in the larger collective until those structures crumble around us.

Neptune does indeed take prisoners, and in return it offers a glimpse of life beyond the Saturnian earth plane. The sacrificial lamb is a potent Christian image, but its genesis falls well before the Christian era. The Great Deluge, a cataclysmic event recorded by many ancient cultures and mythologies, imprinted on humanity for all time that the gods will destroy Creation if we fail to keep them happy.

At some point, if this destructive process is not halted and reversed, the proverbial dam will simply wash away Neptune , allowing devastation to cascade through the environment. With all the doing out there on the circumference, we risk losing track of being itself. Perhaps it would help to stop occasionally, reel our many fragmented selves inward, and renew our solar , back-to-basics perspective. Our natal Sun placements offer deep wisdom if we pay attention and follow the bread crumbs from point to point. They all mean something in the end: we are not just a sign , or an inventory, of the scattered roles we play in the world: we are a being with a story to tell.

Bio: Raye Robertson is a practicing astrologer, writer, and former university English instructor. A graduate of the Faculty of Astrological Studies U. The Scorpio portion, in a sense, concerns what is distinctly un-Venusian — our relationship with the grotesque and the fearful.

Yet a true concept of beauty makes a place for such things, as does love. No doubt the integration of the dark and unlovely bits of the Scorpio portion will be an important theme. The ugly and mean exist, certainly, but in relationship to the pretty, upright and light parts. This Venus cycle also happens to oppose Uranus three times, lending it a more shocking, disruptive, and experimental quality than most. The normally sedate Taurus Full Moon thus holds a potent charge this year.

Decoding the Most Elevated Planet in the Horoscope

A few days later, on November 8 th , Jupiter enters Sagittarius. Though the year has a number of unlovely portents, this is not one of them. Having Jupiter in such a powerful position will help offset a number of difficulties, and provide otherwise unexpected opportunities.

Mercury stations retrograde in mid Sagittarius, with plans to conjoin newly-ingressed Jupiter.

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As Mercury takes on the qualities of the planets he conjoins, this is likely to be a surprisingly positive retrograde. Though the celestial gears continue to turn throughout December, their configurations are not particularly dramatic. The year thus rolls to a close on this relatively benign note. The retrogradation of both Mars and Venus in configuration with newly-ingressed Uranus promises moments of shock, sudden reversal and rapid change.

These certainly must be considered, but if we over-focus on the volatile, we lose sight of the fixed, and there is little more fixed in the skies of than Saturn in Capricorn. Saturn is the lord of fixation, of concretization, and the protector of causal links which bind action to result.

This is the first of three years that Saturn will spend in Capricorn. It is thus the beginning of a three year arc, just as began that of Saturn in Sagittarius. If you look back at , and see how themes which began that year climaxed in and , you would probably go back and adjust both your expectations and your strategies. One of the advantages astrology offers us is the ability to see patterns in their nascent stage, rather than having to wait until they are blindingly obvious. Start by thinking about the three year Saturn in Capricorn arc as a whole. Break that down into three year long chapters, and see what portion of the work falls in From there, cut the portion of the plan into 4 seasonal chunks, with expectations for progress modified by a generally easier first quarter and a tough Q3.

The success of master-plans, though, does not result from the absence of disruptions. Many times, though, surprises do not even require that. People are too quick to abandon long-term goals. During a perceived crisis, our bodies flood with adrenaline and our minds zoom into the present. The problem is that we can get stuck there for days, weeks, or months at a time, and during that time completely neglect our long-term strategies.

This issue is, unfortunately, deeply exacerbated by the current state of our culture and media. The news does not seek first to inform. Its primary goal is to make money, and it does that by activating us emotionally, which puts us in either pleasure-seeking or safety-seeking mode. The online world is even worse, if such a thing is possible. If this sounds like a cranky grandpa lecture, then good.

Saturn is cranky grandpa, and his advice to get off your phone, think things through, work hard, keep your promises and complain less, is solid. If you can commit yourself to building something, whether it is a family, a community, a career or a barn, not only will you eventually succeed, you will also be less affected by the collective panics which blow through this period of history. That anchor, that commitment, is your dedication to reshape one little piece of the world.

The governmental layer of the world is in a deeply dysfunctional state. In a world where sane adult leadership is conspicuously missing, it falls to us, the citizens of history, to take responsibility for our world in the ways we can, and accept the work of shaping it. Excellent in description and yet crisp. An exceptionally well. Stellar recap once again. Thank you for putting order to this mess. An organized mind indeed. Very helpful summary. Personally hoping the Aquarian Lunar eclipse is nothing like the shock of last August.

Detached closure would be nice. Always insightful. Thanks for the overview, I will be referring to it from time to time throughout the year. Constant adrenaline and limbic reactions are now in my past. The 3 year framework is a helpful one for me to create the life I want and if the cosmos is on my side then all the better. Thank you. So, Austin, just wondering. What little piece of the world have you dedicated yourself to reshaping? Well, for this year, my body and my little corner of astrology and magic.

I might also re-shape some trees into books. I am so appreciating your poetic vision, depth of insight and wisdom. Thank you! A question- when Uranus, Neptune and Pluto move in , what are the new signs and what are those flavors?

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That IS a worthy way of considering things. I should print those couple paragraphs out and stick them on the wall. Absolutely wonderful piece of work! Thank you for the incite and the long term approach for getting through these trying times. Austin, You are clearly a wizard wordsmith with an exceedingly thorough grasp of this lovely Art and Science of Astrology! Your email address will not be published.

Austin Coppock is an astrologer, author, teacher, and presenter based in Ashland, OR. He was President of The Association for Young Astrologers , a c3 non-profit organization, from He performs interviews on the subjects of astrology, tarot, and esotericism and is a frequent speaker at conferences and in-person events throughout the United States. Austin continues to publish original articles on this website, as well as offer online classes, other products and services.

Super Search. Astrology of The Lay of the Land. Facebook Twitter Email. Tags: , Astrology of , Saturn in Capricorn. About Austin Coppock. Austin Coppock is a writer, esotericist and astrologer based in Ashland, OR.

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This work is made possible by his supporters on Patreon. Related Articles. Al 2 years ago Reply. Jen 2 years ago Reply. Cecilia Que 2 years ago Reply. Last week, he reinvented the weather, armed with a Sharpie, a cat video and a tweet at midnight — — after sending Alabama into a panic. Yes, there is. In effect for the past few months and exact on October 1st, we see a measurment between the Ascendant and Plut o. Keywords for Pluto include empowerment, transformation, breakdown and decay. An upside potential of this measurement is successful persuasion projecting the power potential of Pluto on the public, for better or for worse.

Another measurement in effect for the past few months and exact on September 27 is between Venus and Neptune. It also refers to his professional status. How do Venus and Neptune combine? Upside: the creation of an aesthetic ideal or romance. Downside: Neptune denies material form, seeking to dissolve whatever it touches.

Neptune suggests illusion. Upside: inspiring and intuitive visionary communicator. Downside potential: snake oil salesman; fanciful; delusional; confusing. Total Neptune delusion. Neptune in his horoscope refers to matters of shared values and investments. Robert Hand opines that transiting Neptune squaring Uranus can reflect sudden mood swings, secrets outed, having to face the truth about a difficult aspect of oneself — or about the world in general.

In , transiting Neptune will be exact or quite close to a square to his Sun-Moon opposition for the next two years. Wherever he is during that time span may recall the weirdness of his birther conspiracy campaign. In the near-term future — i. We can anticipate similarly expansive and persuasive actions from P45 in last ten days of October.

Enough about P Look at all these cool and uplifting stories compiled on the Good News Network — yayyyy! The Moon is void in Aquarius all day, seeking ways to network and be of social significance. So yesterday was September 11th, and it was the 11th anniversary of an act of violence that stunned the world and resulted in the loss of thousands of lives.

Then I noted someone on Facebook opining that on every September 11th since, all of America gets very patriotic, while New Yorkers just get somber and quiet. What I remember about That Day was how quiet the city became in the aftermath. We gathered at night in public places, needing the support of community. We gave up our defensive edges. We slowed down.

Drivers did not honk their horns. We approached each other with such loving kindness — back then — perhaps because we were all so conscious of our collective shock and grief. Everyone seemed to know someone who knew someone who had died…or was at Ground Zero and escaped, covered in ash…or was supposed to be there, but Fate intervened, and they missed their train or their appointment in the city was canceled or whatever. Point is, we all had a story to tell…and a connection to this experience that connected us to each other.

We were able to see ourselves in each other. Time passes…it heals wounds…and we forget. And often, we forget the connection. Separation — which is an illusion — creeps back in. We racing to get here, there, everywhere. We get impatient with each other and start honking our horns again…or worse. Even though we may forget.

I thought about where he was at in his life — working behind a counter for probably not much more than minimum wage — and I wondered what his dreams might be at this nascent stage of his career. And as we were discussing the comparative merits of the caffeinated beverages offered at this fine establishment, I found myself telling him what a great job he was doing, and that I was certain his attitude and attentive presence would take him very far in life.

I closed with:. A tough choice, for sure. The Odetta version opens with a passage written by Marianne Williamson that may give you chills…. I did not know that…until now. If your Monday is feeling out of focus, or subject to a surprising twist or flake, it reflects the Moon being void of course , as of AM ET. If you are new to this forecast welcome!

When the Moon enters a new sign, think of that as the launch of the pinball into the game. It moves forward after a direct application of force, right? Then it bounces off the bumpers in the game, which is comparable to the Moon as it makes contact with other planets. Eventually the pinball hits a bumper and falls back to the bottom of the machine, right? And when it falls, it has a different kind of energy, yes?

And sometimes the pinball gets stuck on the side of the machine and you have to shake the machine to get the ball moving again, yes? This is my analogy for understanding the energy of the Moon when it is void of course. Often you need a push to get going. So we have a drive to make things happen, acquire status and climb to the top of the mountain — potentially without specific focus. Your day may wander off course, and if a crisis erupts, do your best to roll with it and chill! Moon will be relaunched into Aquarius at PM ET , suggesting a focus on networking, being of social signicance and hanging with your bestie.

The news will be back later this week. A Scorpio Moon needs knowledge for the sake of power and control, and with a high-functioning Mercury how we need to think activated all week by contacts with other planets, that Scorpio need for substance is not likely to be disappointed. This may be a week for forming powerful alliances and channeling ginormous ideals that may be divine…or delusional. We may be privy to an excess of nitty-gritty detail. No Air Signs in a horoscope can suggest an aversion to frivolus chitchat, and the use of words carefully employed for the sake of utility and strategy.

When I look at the patterns of planets on paper for the week, I see wave after wave after wave. Apply these patterns to your quest for personal world domination, even if the bigger world around you seems to be falling apart. Laser-beam precision in thought and action is suggested in the morning, as high-functioning Mercury in Virgo meets up with action hero Mars at AM ET. Use that action-oriented Mars drive for a worthy crusade. From then until early evening, the Scorpio Moon chats up four planets in the solar system: Mars, Mercury, Sun and Saturn.

The seeds that were planted in that chart may develop in synch with the rush of planetary action described above. Regardless, experience has shown that the Sabian Symbol for a New Moon is curiously reflected in news throughout the lunar cycle. It was originally expected to reach landfall in Florida on Monday morning. This was the planetary forecast:. Dorian had slowed to a stall over the Bahamas — and lingered there all day — inflicting wretchedly excessive aggression — and all night!

And, true to what we would expect during a long Moon void, Dorian has lost steam, with wind speeds now half of what they were as a former Cat 5, which left the Freeport airport — and much of the islands — completely under water, as you can see from this tweeted image. Meanwhile, in the United States it appears that Dorian may hug the coasts in Florida, Georgia, the Carolinas and Virginia — instead of crossing land. In Odessa, Texas seven people were killed and many more were wounded when a man who happened to have an assault rifle in his car was pulled over by police on a traffic stop.

Ohhh…just a Scorpio Sun driven by a regal drama king Moon in Leo , possibly squaring an exact meet-up between a possibly fanatical Mars in Scorpio and Neptune. Astrology is amazing. The U. Unlike their governmental adversary, the protestors do not have a central leadership, which makes it more challenging for the government to control. Thousands of citizens took to the streets in protest, as if they realized something precious was at stake and were willing to step out of their comfort zone and fight for it.

In the United States a protest march is on the calendar. Guess what happened?? Ten years later, I continue to be astonished that it does. Perhaps you can connect me with an excellent editor. Yes, I would be delighted to talk to you about your own unique horoscope. We had a remarkable Earth Grand Trine back in March — and another one at the end of September During the first two weeks of September, there will be more big big big practically everything, as the Virgo Trio — joined by Mercury — will square Jupiter and oppose Neptune.

Three days of salt air and sandy beaches; starry nights in a quaint old inn with no TV — I could have stayed for a month.

Saturn In The First House of Astrology Birth Chart (Saturn in the 1st house)

The third night featured a thunderstorm that downed trees and power lines. That and watching ospreys dive for fish provided plenty enough drama. If you know the degree of your Ascendant. Because that transit is often energizing, symbolizing a new cycle of development. Two days earlier, Venus crossed his Ascendant. This transit suggests strong potential for receiving love and affection. They love him like he is the second coming of God. All of the planets that have left — or are about to leave — Leo for Virgo will activate his 0 degree Uranus.

Translation: activation of an intense need for assertive independence. He really should be making waves now and over the next several months, as the energy of a 10, volt cattleprod opposes his 4 degree regal Leo Ascendant in the form of transiting rebel Uranus.

A fresh start or a break in a personal relationship? A geographic relocation? Pluto and Saturn are also activating points in the horoscope that refer to professional status and family of origin, suggesting transformation and streamlining for the sake of empowerment. Jupiter is active, too; as it has been in touch with his natal Jupiter and Uranus this year, we see the potential for a fortuitous return on an investment. How fascinating that the most recent news article in a quick Google search is about the success of his investment firm.

Who knew? Also big — and involving travel, oceans, healing and visions: 16 year-old climate change activist Greta Thunberg is due to arrive in New York tomorrow. September 21st is the date of the third Jupiter-Neptune square. Greta is a Capricorn , driven by a Moon in Capricorn. Sign up here to receive these insightful forecasts by email. To schedule a personal consultation about your unique horoscope, drop me a line here. If you prefer to go straight to the forecast, you may close this pop-up by clicking on the "x" in the upper right-hand corner.

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  8. New York. Astrology for News Junkies. This planetary commentary offers advance notice and analysis on the zeitgeist of the day, with an emphasis on what's happening in the headlines. Good morning! The Aquarius Moon goes void at PM ET — ship it beforehand, then take care of routine tasks for the rest of the business day.

    Roll with the twists and flakes. Venus in Scorpio needs depth and substance in social expression, along with passion, for better or for worse. There is a certain code that must be followed. Point is, Venus in Scorpio will be reflected in news about social expression, women, money and other values until November 1, when Venus enters Sagittarius.

    How apt for Yom Kippur, a. Pisces invented empathy, compassion and forgiveness. Are you skipping out early for a long holiday weekend? Monday is Thanksgiving in Canada says my calendar. The buzz in the air is the unconventional attraction reflected by the annual opposition between Venus and Uranus at PM ET. Love at first sight? Aries is fearless and inspiring at best; reckless and selfish at worst which explains why that jerk cut you off on the freeway. But first you must live though this day, which begins with a bit of a wet blanket at AM ET, as the me-me-me Aries Moon is squared by authority figure Saturn.

    Your moment of sobriety may be soon lifted by a jolly and cooperative connection between the Sun and Jupiter, exact at PM ET and in effect a few days before. Will write more on this Full Moon later in the week.