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The union of the Mercury with Sun may also generate financial crunches and you may be extravagant in nature.

Union of Mars with Venus generates a Raj Yoga; however, the potency of the Raj Yoga will depend a lot upon the nature of your house and zodiac sign occupied by these planets. If these two planets viz. Mars and Venus are united in Kendra or Trikona houses and devoid of any malefic influence; it may bless you with good riches, high position and successful life.

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The best part of being born in Cancer Ascendant is being a dependable and trustworthy personality, specifically in family and close relationships. Until and unless, Mars and Moon are not severely damaged, Cancer Ascendant people are capable of taking and accepting their responsibilities in overall aspects of life.

Another positive aspect is their strong will power, specifically if Moon and Jupiter are auspiciously disposed. Generally, you may be able to overcome and emerge victorious within difficult situations and are capable of dealing with your enemies and rivals quite effectively.

You may be a good host and may like to celebrate occasionally. The weak aspects of your personality are volatile mind , carelessness and sensitive stomach. You may tend to take risky decisions, purely based upon intuition and suffer failures and financial losses.

You may also be restless and impatient in nature.

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Besides this, Cancer Ascendant people are comparatively more vulnerable to be exploited emotionally and may get trapped into unwarranted commitments and relationships. Your health may also cause routine obstructions.

Good and bad planets for Cancer ascendant /Karkataka lagna

Your Lagna lord Moon, being a very fast moving planet, may keep you restless and anxious on frequent basis. You should keep good control on your food habits and try to remain under positive environment. Therefore, you should be extra careful in this regard; and should select your profession after thorough consideration.

Therefore, you should always remain quite cautious and alert in your social relationships.

Cancer Ascendant - Cancer Rising Sign – Karka Lagna

You should avoid taking others on their face value; and take fair amount of time to decide and enter into new relationships. The biggest world of astrology, Jupiter, is high in Cancer lagan. The combination of Moon-Jupiter, this lagan gets fame in public. The Moon-Mars combination gives the top position.

In Cancer zodiac, Sun is in Karma position, and it is stable. Therefore, one can get Rajyoga. Cancer lagan is very important and influential in politics. Many politicians have Cancer lagan, and they get the benefit. Cancer lagan should take care of such matters.

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Cancer lagan should take care of their marital life. The nose is small, the eyes stick out, and the chin is round. The height is small to average. People fall under this sign are not very fortunate in terms of looks they possess petite structure with long arms and may not be very tall but they generally have broad upper part of the body. Though they usually have fair complexion with affronted nose up to a extent. The ascendant house is considered very important in Vedic astrology.

During the birth of a person, the sign which rises in the sky is called the persons ascendant and the sign which comes in this house is called the ascendant sign.

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The ascendant helps in calculating minutest event in a person's life through astrology. Whereas, the daily, weekly, monthly and yearly predictions are made on the basis of moon sign and sun sign. Remember Me.

Cancer Ascendant or Cancer Rising Sign (2019)

Sign In. Personalized Horoscope. Male Female. Health For Cancer Ascendant Cancer Ascendants are prone to coughs, indigestion, gas, and general problems with stomach, liver and intestines. Physical Appearance For Cancer Ascendant Cancer Ascendant people have round-shaped features and tend to become stout when they reach their thirties. Don't Know Ascendant. Check Now.